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Donna Asquith

Drawing and other forms of artistic expression have always been a part of Donna Asquith’s life. In fact, her 1965 yearbook described Donna as “talented in art.” However, she excelled in language, and her college studies and professional pursuits took her in other directions. Donna studied literature and writing as an undergraduate, and psycholinguistics in graduate school. Her love of art was sidelined while she taught high-school English in Massachusetts for thirty-one years, and while she and her husband raised their two sons.

Finally, when she moved on from teaching several years ago, Donna returned her attentions to art; now she had the precious time for a loved but put-aside occupation. She took up watercolor painting in 2006. Donna took several courses with a talented and esteemed Maine artist, Dewitt Hardy, and has attended workshops with artists of national renown. Painting has dominated Donna’s attentions ever since.